“Centar za obrazovanje” Široki Brijeg


“Centar za obrazovanje” is the leading national association both in vocational education for adults and in professional training for managers and drivers in international road transport.

Within the scope of its basic activities, and on the basis of the authorisation of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the West Herzegovinian County, he Vocational accredited school “Centar za obrazovanje” Široki Brijeg performs the programs for acquiring vocational qualification, programs of retraining, programs of upgrading and programs of professional training.

Within the scope of our programs we have wide selection of professions in the following fields: traffic, economy and trade, electrical technology, catering and tourism, mechanical engineering, agriculture, forestry, health care, internal affairs and protection etc.

From the very establishing till today we have developed accessible and very flexible system of vocational education of adults with substantial and innovative curricula based on the competences of qualified teaching personnel and other employees.

The composition of our school’s teaching and management personnel ensures high quality teaching with constant professional improvement in the country and abroad, constantly following the work of our institution with the goal of permanent upgrading of the level of work quality.

We need to emphasise that the “Centar za obrazovanje” is the an IRU Academy accredited training institute in Bosnia and Herzegovina for vocational education of drivers and managers in the international road transport.

COB is involved in professional training for drivers and managers in international road transport from its first beginning. We are the only accredited institution for performing the training and the examination for drivers and managers. We are the leading institute in the region and we have successfully implemented the project for professional training and have initiated the adoption of the national legislation compliant with the European directives.
The partnership in this project can rely on 9 year long experience that COB has in the professional training in road traffic. Our teachers are the leading experts in this region, concerning the field of road transport, motors and motor vehicles, legal directives, digital tachographs, etc.