SIZ Makedonija Soobrakaj AMERIT


SIZ Makedonija Soobrakaj AMERIT is the Association of Macedonian Enterprises for Road Transport, established in 1953, and is a member of the IRU since 1993. AMERIT has 284 founding members and 213 associated members – transport companies. With 34 employees and 7 branch offices, AMERIT is the largest and oldest road transport association in Macedonia, defending the interests of the road transport industry at the national level and representing them on the international level.

AMERIT performs following activities and provides following services for the national road transport operators:
– TIR System – issuing and guaranteeing Association since 1993
– Training Centre – national authorised training center for drivers and managers
– Tachograph cards – authorised for issuing of all type tachograph cards
– VAT refund
– DKV cards
– Ferry, ro-la, tunnel and bridge booking
– Insurance
– Legal assistance
– Financial expertise and consulting
– Professional assessment of vehicles
– Info Centre
– Publications

Its Training Center is accredited in a number of IRU Academy professional training programmes. Since 2007, based on national authorisations and IRU Academy accreditations, AMERIT has trained more than 12000 drivers and around 1700 transport managers.

AMERIT has a long-standing experience in delivering training for drivers and managers. It holds national authorisation from the Ministry of Transport, for training for all types of certificates according to the national Law on Road Transport (CPC Driver, CPC Manager, ADR certificate, DGSA certificates), but delivers also training for digital tachographs, Safe Loading and Cargo Securing, TIR-EPD Application and proper use of TIR Carnets. Since 2010, AMERIT is an IRU Academy Accredited Training Institute (ATI).

These programmes, together with certified, skilled and professional instructors, ensure solid base for implementing the project and for national harmonisation with the European standards. Under the leadership of Mrs Frosina Carapic, Head of the AMERIT Training Centre, the team of instructors Mr Dejan NIkolovski, Mr Igor Naumovski and Mrs Milena Stojanovska have been delivering training and preparation of road transport professionals for examination by the national examination bodies for professional competence qualification over the last 5 years. All AMERIT Training Centre instructors are in possession of authorised national instructor certificates issued by the competent national authorities.