Tempulli was established in 1992. Taking into consideration that our institution is the only regional institution which provides professional and academic programmes in the field of transport, traffic, logistics and telecommunication, it aims at promoting confidence in the professional provision where the quality standards are enhanced and well managed. Tempulli aspires to improve its quality constantly, in order to adapt to the changing needs of society. Through the Center for Professional Development (CPD), we develop training programmes and professional training with programmes evaluated by International experts and approved by our National Authority – KAA. Depending on the programme content and duration of these courses, candidates will get verification and certificates which will be harmonised with the National Qualifications Authority and EQF. We are fully aware and participate in various workshops in developing national standards of qualification so we hope to have mutual cooperation on these issues.

Tempulli offers academic and professional programmes on higher education related to transport. Most of the professional programmes are implemented together with the support of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ministry of Education. Until now we have organised these trainings through CPD: training programmes and tests for professional skills of inspectors for vehicles technical inspection, training programs for professional development of all transport operators (CPC-M) and drivers in local and international transport of passengers and goods (CPC-D), professional development training programmes for drivers-manipulators of dangerous goods (ADR), programme for driving Instructors for all driving categories, program for Examiner for all driving categories. Tempulli also organises round tables, conferences (regional and international) and other events in the field of transport, road safety and traffic. In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Tempulli has published the first research, presenting the results of the evaluation of students’ knowledge in primary and lower secondary schools, in their knowledge of road signs. Otherwise, the involved students in this activity were distributed tables with traffic signs, where traffic experts have compiled tests depending on their age. In this activity are included over 2’210 students from all over the country. In order to spread the project across the country, at least one school has been selected to participate in each municipality. Under the leadership of Mr Muhamed Krasniqi (Instructor and top Management level), Tempulli has a well qualified professional staff in this field, represented by Mr Alban Ramabaja (Instructor) and Mr Seid Rrahmani (CPD Administrator). All involved staff in these projects are established experts and instructors with long-standing experience and job-performance achievements.